Thriving through Awareness!

Namaste Beloveds,

As the second week of August is upon us with powerful energies playing out to get our attention, I am called to reach out with LOVE and support during this significant moment of expansion.

Within each of us, there is a state of true fulfillment, unconditional love and freedom. It comes from deep within as a knowing that ALL is truly well! It shows up the moment we decide to completely surrender…to let go of ANY need to control, to be right and to just relax into “I’m okay”, “I’m safe” and “all will work itself out”. As we continuously remind ourselves of this from within, our inner light expands to our outer manifestations and relationships. The key is to be honest with ourselves, releasing denial and forgiving ourselves for doing our best.

Often, we try on different masks and play roles to avoid rejection and judgement. Yet, if we allow ourselves to let down our defenses, become nakedly honest and vulnerable within, miracles really do happen, and authenticity opens doors that would otherwise be closed.

Witness when your fears, anxiety and doubts arise and then celebrate! Become aware that each of these moments are opportunities to change your perspectives and break free! Personally, there were many times that I judged myself and then continuously replayed these negative tapes in my mind which kept me in repetitive cycles of chaos, pain and fear. I was inadvertently attracting more of the same energies that I didn’t want, and the momentum was huge! What we focus on truly does expand and I needed many lessons on that fact! The beauty of these experiences was that they taught me how Powerful of a Creator I AM! When I was finally determined that I’d had enough, I became willing and committed to create anew and I truly loved myself unconditionally. With being committed to the journey of full healing and remembering the Divine Truth that lives within us all, I found true freedom of expression, joy and peace…

This was a major choice point. It takes courage and honesty with Self to arrive at this moment of shifting awareness. And yet, there I was and here I am.

With unconditional love, self-acceptance and commitment to Authenticity, I began healing my old ego scripts by taking responsibility. I realized that my habitual behaviors and thoughts, along with my unhealed emotional body, had been the underpinning theme of my life.

I assure you that it was NOT easy, because my EGO was completely comfortable with driving! There were moments in my life that became painfully uncomfortable. I experienced many wobble moments, ups and downs, and twists and turns through the transition to Soul based living. It was only through Spiritual Tenacity and continuing to say YES to my own well-being and Spiritual Ascension that I was able to finally break free from Density Consciousness, the “ME” based living and “us vs. them” mentalities. And! I can tell you that anchoring on the other side is worth ALL of it!

Though I still experience challenges, it’s the gift of knowing how to navigate through it all that is the blessing that continues to deepen and uplift evermore! The Soul sees the Allness simply as the Oneness expressing its many expressions and, without the need to judge or condemn, pure unconditional love and “forgive them for they don’t know what they do” anchors! Forgiveness does NOT mean that we condone or excuse the behavior, it is not reconciliation unless we choose so, nor is it forgetting or pretending that “it” didn’t happen! Forgiveness is an inner healing that releases the grip that the past has on us…holding grudges lowers our vibration and they take huge amounts of our life force energy which drain us of our vitality and joy.

This week I was guided to list three practices that assisted me to pop through and stay stabilized in the Ascended Frequencies. Simplicity was important as I began releasing my entanglements. The more my ego relaxed, the more practices I was able to add to my daily routine with Sincerity, Love and Presence. What I noticed was that as I continued to commit everyday towards DOING the practices, a new harmonious flow was created in my life! These shared are the ones that I began with and I sincerely pray that with tenacity, you find them powerful and of great benefit though their simplicity…

1)   Meditation and journaling… These two forms of quiet contemplation offer the gift of introspection. These became beautiful opportunities to allow the ego (inner child) to have a voice and to ask myself “How am I?” “What do I need in this moment?” From this space of honest transparency, I was able to offer self-love and self-care with ease because there was less resistance. These are also beautiful ways to allow our inspiration to flow from the heart and Soul, as well as authentic guidance for our journey that may otherwise be overlooked.

2)   Practicing LOVE of the body… I found any opportunity to say, “I love you beautiful body, you are safe, I appreciate you, thank you!” In the shower, in the mirror, in traffic, in line at the grocery store, everywhere and anytime! It became a mantra of LOVE! From this practice, my body began to shift in miraculous ways by feeling supported and so did my life! From the space of my physical body feeling safe and unconditionally loved, I found peace, a release of all hope for a better past and other fears that I didn’t even know were there. Forgiveness, change and unconditional love begin within…

3)   Eating a Vegan diet... This is another life shift that is a personal favorite for uplifting the mind, body and soul as you call in the Truth of YOU! A fantastic way to stay buoyant and refreshed during this powerful moment on the planet! Ingesting fear and blood truly become an obstacle on the journey of true upliftment regardless of what main stream suggests. Of course, it’s always a personal choice and I only offer my suggestions so that you don’t make it harder than it needs to BE! Remember, you can’t mess this journey called your life up, choices surround us every day!

Together, let us utilize the positive energies that are escalating around the planet to Arise evermore into the Truth of WHO WE ARE! To laugh more, hug more, dance and spread the LOVE! Release being “normal” and let your Soul Shine! As a community of Light, let’s show the world how amazing this time truly may be, by having the courage to be in TRUST, HONESTY and LOVE!

May we each breathe deeply and know, that ALL is truly well!


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