About Mary

I'm so grateful that you have found The Tree of Life! My mission is to serve by empowering and assisting you with healing your mind, body and soul so that you may live a peaceful, loving and joyful life!

When I was introduced to Reiki in Spring 2011, the 'gifts' from my childhood were reawakened. Meditating daily and purifying my body and mind, led me on a path of true health and connection to the Divine while remembering my own sacred Truth. In 2013, I was spiritually guided to travel to Guatemala where I learned the ancient healing modalities of Avesa™ This beautiful energy was gifted back to the planet through Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa (www.sriandkira.com). Avesa™ offers Quantum Energy Healing from the Crystalline realms of the Divine which effortlessly connects One to their Soul and what is true. This miraculous journey of trust deepened my connection to All life, Divine Oneness and expanded my joy of service to the planet!

Through my dedication to the Divine and extensive studies through TOSA™ (Temple of Self-Ascesion™) with Sri and Kira, I have become a Self-Ascension™ Mastery Teacher, Ordained Minister of Self-Ascension™ and the host of ‘One Love’ which airs on Oneness Talk Radio! (onenesstalkradio.com) Honoring all spiritual paths, I serve by guiding those that are called to reconnect to their Divine Truth and Soul Purpose.

Every day is a blessing and a new opportunity to make a positive difference in your life. Love is the strongest force in the universe, let's use it to thrive and claim wholeness! 

I look forward to personally welcome you home to the gift of YOU!