Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

In 2011, when introduced to Reiki, my gifts from childhood reawakened. While purifying my body and mind of the confusion, pain and fear I had accumulated, I was intuitively guided to travel to Guatemala. There I learned the ancient powerful Quantum Healing modalities of Avesa and indigenous Mayan teachings. This life altering experience paved the way and set the tone of my current path towards serving the world through authenticity and unconditional LOVE. I’ve led numerous groups from around the world to find their Divine Truth and break through years of layered pain, anger and fear. Through the use of energy work, fire ceremonies, guided meditations, cosmic life regressions, crystal healing and more, I’ve seen hundreds of people find and anchor into their joy and Soul purpose.


My dedication to the Divine, extensive studies, personal self-healing, self-love and love for All, has allowed me to walk the talk by living what I teach. I have seen the depths and the heights of releasing the grasp of the ego. It takes tenacity, strength and courage to heal habitual habits and fears that keep us stuck. But the results are far beyond the minds ability to fully comprehend, and absolutely worth it! If this resonates with you and your heart feels the call, allow me to assist you with reclaiming your Truth… the heart is the real truth detector and I look forward to the honor of greeting you 💜

Honoring all spiritual paths, I serve by guiding those that are called to reconnect with their Divine Truth and Soul Purpose. Your Presence Matters and Together We Make A Difference!