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The TAO of oneness









The Bridge to your True Self lies within...

Are you ready to live life as intended, free beyond all illusion? Get ready to go deeper to experience your true nature and thrive!

Avesa™ is a Sanskrit word which imparts Divine Empowerment. Broken down, “Ave” means “Hail” and “Sa” means “Impersonal Infinity”. Combined, Avesa™ literally means “Hail the Impersonal Infinity” and is similar to Hail Mary. As we invoke the Divine Most High through Avesa™, The I AM becomes One with the physical body through heart centered consciousness. Once you are attuned to recieve this energy, the Soul reignites, and miracles occur. Releasing the ego’s grip is obtainable and with sincerity, love and Presence, it becomes easy as the Soul will be leading. Many barriers within the psyche will relax as old patterns of fear, pain and anger are seen, heard, loved and healed. The Ancient Egyptians modeled and taught this and other ancient techniques and morals for the benefit of All. It is a heart call, trust yourself, your heart knows the Way…


The Healing Power of Avesa™!




What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”. It is the life force that flows through everything in the Universe. The essence of All things… ‘Rei’ refers to infinite spirit, and ‘ki’ refers to life force energy. Together Reiki literally means “ the life force energy of Infinite Spirit.”

This is a powerful healing modality that is gaining interest worldwide as an alternative method to restoring well-being and vitality holistically. Reiki is a gift that allows the practitioner to channel Universal life force energy into a person, animal or “thing” with unconditional love, Presence and sincerity. Each person receives what they are ready to allow, as this is your journey and results differ. Body, mind and Soul often harmonize during a session and deep relaxation, pain relief and spontaneous release of stagnant energies are common. Claim the Joy and Peace that is your birthright! This in an invitation…