The Tree of Life offers Reiki, Avesa Quantum Healing™ and Crystal Healing sessions. Each service uniquely assists you to wholistically detoxify while providing renewed vitality and harmony of the mind, body and soul. This is a journey back to wholeness and I am overjoyed to be your guide along the way!



This is a gentle yet powerful healing modality that assists with bringing you into balance. Reiki has several ways of effecting wellbeing: deep relaxation, releases energy blockages, detoxifies the system, and provides a renewed sense of vitality. Reiki may also be used in conjunction with other modalities.  Each session differs based on what is needed at the time and may also differ for each person. You will have brief discussion before and after to answer any questions and/or areas of concern.


Avesa Quantum Healing™

Avesa Quantum Healing™ is a gift from the Crystalline Dimensions that offers alignment with one's authentic soul energy and wholeness. From this alignment, harmony and balance are increased in all aspects of one's life. Avesa™ is an ancient mystical modality of spiritual empowerment that calls forth your most abundant life and reveals wisdom and clarity that defies the mind.

During an Avesa Balancing™, you are gifted with an authentic experience of remembering and reconnecting with your incredible, whole, and harmonious Soul Energy that exists beyond form and the ego. An Avesa Balancing™ shifts the chakras from orbital (aligned with Density) to Infinity shapes (aligned with Soul). In their Ascended state, which is aligned with the Soul, they are clear, balanced and effortlessly harmonized with each other.

This session creates a sacred space that assists you to fully awaken the Divine within as you release old stagnant energies that no longer serve. Each chakras is raised to its ascended state and thus is cleared and balanced for more harmonious living. This profound gift assists with diminished physical symptoms, greater experience of peace, clarity of life purpose, and true connection with your Divine Soul!

With each Avesa Balancing™ Session, the presence of your Authentic Self and its positive effects becomes more tangible as well as the ability to connect with Angels and Soul Guides. 



Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing

Each chakra is part of a system that functions as a greater whole. Chakras are therefore like cells as they are dynamically connected and interact with one another energetically. Every crystal has unique “healing vibrations” which interact with the energy centers of the body and assist with the removal of “blocks” and restore healthy energy flow. Crystals are great amplifiers of Universal Life Force Energy and support balancing and harmonic activities. Each session is unique to the individual and may change over time. 


Each session includes a 20 minute followup call scheduled at the time of appointment.