Beauty~Part 1

I’m gonna present a story that is real and also symbolic to the journey that we all seem to be going through on some level. It is deep and tragic with its twists and turns, but it is also representative of the Divine experiencing form and the mastery that comes with it. When realized for what it is, the beauty of the journey, and the Soul within, reveals itself and life takes on a new flavor. And it begins...

There was a girl born into this world, naive to the structures and ingrained belief systems of the times, that was destined to be in Oneness with the One. She danced with fairies, talked with trees and knew the Beings of Light to be her closest friends. Her days were spent daydreaming and giggling as she made young plans to serve the world from her pure untainted heart. As a youth, her gifts of inner sight, hearing, sensing and feeling were nurtured and anchored in her Core. So, that when the moment came for her to ignite again, the foundation would be prepared and ready to move forward. 

The people around this child were very uneasy and concerned as they feared how the outside world would judge this little one. They were also confronted with their own internal struggles of pain and illusion, which being in the presence of this child, was brought forward for healing through her pure essence and unconditional love. Her energy field beamed out love from the depths of her soul, and anything other than the purity of this love, was magnified in the person that interacted with this child. Over time, the uneasiness and turmoil that others felt was not discerned as internal and was instead projected onto the child and they demanded that she had to be other than who she was. Misunderstood and confused, she sensed their pain and anger when in her presence. This was the moment that she began to process that something must be wrong with her. Her need to feel accepted and loved in return by the people around her, started a new chapter in her life.

Slowly, she started closing herself off from the higher dimensions that were so vibrant and clear, for the sake of being accepted and loved in the physical realm of reality. This caused a deep split within her, as now she became two....the truth of who she was and the one that everyone expected her to be. As the days went by, the Beings of Light, the trees and fairies, tried their best to engage with her. They felt her slipping from her rank among them and falling into the forgetful abyss of worldly living. She ignored their callings and songs and purposely shielded herself from the pain she felt from the separation that was occurring within her. With such determination and the power she held as a Soul, very swiftly she learned to hide her aura, barricade her heart and smile through the agony that this caused.

Many long nights and stressful days followed her, until she became numb to the world. Now an adult, the pain was still present, along with the purity and love that she was, but it became too overwhelming to pay attention to either. She coped through smoking, drinking, sex, drama, money or lack thereof, until she hit rock bottom.

One night, while reflecting on her early childhood, which now seemed like a dream, and the current path that her life had taken, she questioned God and herself with deep regret, sadness and defeat. As she overindulged on wine, she had built up the courage to take her physical life. “Why am I here?!” she screamed through drunken sobs. “What is the purpose of this life?! Show me what you want me to do, I’m truly lost in this world and ready to leave it....please if you hear me, what am I here to do!?” Almost immediately, she felt a warm Presence envelope her heart and expand to encompass her entire body. The Love of the Universe cradled her expression and tended to her internal wounds. With inconsolable weeping, she climbed into bed and cried herself to sleep. Through the inner realm of dream space, her Soul was reawakened, but in a daze. Her life was presented to her in a way she hadn’t perceived before and from this dream reality, made a commitment to keep moving forward. She was guided that all would be revealed in time, but now was the moment to heal. Only from a healed awakened state, could she truly fulfill her mission and all of her experiences would serve her purpose. 

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