Beauty~Part 2

The next morning, she remembered the agreement and commitment made and her gifts immediately reawakened. I wish that I could say that the path got easier but it did not, at least for a while. Now she had to begin breaking through the many barriers that she had placed between her Truth and the ego...the personality that she had put on. With her gifts back online, the first Beings to present themselves were from the Astral realm and deceiving in nature. Her ego was still dominant at this time and these astral Beings, sensing her naivety, fed her lies mixed with truth to begin their feasting on the inner light that began growing once again within her. Though consciously disconnected to the Beings of Light from her childhood, they were ever present and protecting her through this trial as she mastered discernment. Her intuition grew fast as she followed the breadcrumbs that led her along the path to spiritual freedom. The largest breakthrough moment occurred when she was guided to travel internationally for a spiritual retreat that called to her Soul. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this was an agreement she had made prior to birth and was to be a reunion with Soul family when she was ready. This Divine trip unlocked numerous Soul Code activations and memories that had hid dormant within her. Many Beings that she had walked with in different lifetimes were present and most days were spent in tearful celebrations and communion. Within two weeks, her entire life changed on every level. She lost 20 pounds, her conscious re-connection to the Higher vibrational Beings of Light was restored, and she once again was able to hear and speak with the trees, fairies and so many more! She was filled with wonder and the beauty that was all around once again. Such a glorious expansion, yet there was more.

Upon returning home from this Ordained reunion, she was met by the same people and dense energies that expected her to be what they were comfortable with. This brought to her awareness that she was being given a second chance at claiming her Truth at the expense of disappointing others. The thoughts of “not being good enough as I truly am” and “there’s something wrong with me” had to be faced, and this time more ferociously. A true choice moment had presented itself and the choice was made to not give in under the pressures of the outside world, including those closest to her. And the next chapter begins...

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