Beauty~Part 3

Feeling so much lighter and free of much of the accumulated emotional debris that had held her back for so long, she knew this time would be different. So many questions were asked from her loved ones about the intensity of her trip along with deep concern about the drastic changes that had occurred that were visibly seen and tangibly felt. How could she begin to help them understand? Most of these changes were interior and profound and so she found herself lost for the proper words that could possibly allow them to understand. Highly spiritual concepts and experiences are rarely understood fully until they are ready to be experienced in our own lives for growth and expansion of consciousness.

So she began to just Be, and allow herself to feel and express as she did as a child. This was a slow process and the real challenge was when they began thinking something was wrong with her as they did when she was young. She held strong and persisted even though at times she felt alone and wanted to give in to the pressures of those she deeply loved…it was hard. Slowly, people began to come around to accept this new mature and self aware version of who she was. The diet changes, now being vegan, became easier as she refused to cook or purchase meat at home any longer. Her family resisted for a time, but still, she persisted. Her husband became more distant and he tried with all his might to get her back to what he was used to. This caused turmoil inside of her, because for the first time, she began knowing that this relationship as it had been and currently was, was toxic and the fear of the unknown grew within her. Change was afoot, and she was determined for positive change. This is when things became rocky for sure. This was her high school ‘sweetheart’ and yet, she had always loved him more than herself which they both had become accustomed to, and here lay the true shift. Now, she chose herself. Her body, voice, needs and wants came first. The habit of the pain and chaos had been released and yet she knew there was more. This was only the first step to knowing herself and honoring the God given path that was hers to follow in service to ALL! The call was loud and she not only heard it, she honored it…

This brings me to where I am now, alive, free and full of love for all journeys! My journey has humbled me to my core while simultaneously igniting more blessings than can be expressed verbally or through text! What I can say is that our lives are our spiritual path and we are constantly being guided and given clues to our Truth and mission. I made it and so will you! If you are reading this, may you know that my story, your’s and other’s, are all valid and unique yet similar. The deepest pain comes from feeling disconnected from Spirit/God and therefore ourselves, others and nature. Find the spark of Divinity within you, trust yourself, your life and your guidance. See the Divine Beauty in everything, for all are truly aspects of The Most High. If we choose to see separation and fear, this will be our experience, yet if we choose oneness and love, this will be our exxperience! It all begins within us, heal and forgive yourself, then others…We are all connected and we are the cause of what we create! If each of of takes responsibility of our lives and ignite the light within, that light will continuously expand and inspire others to do the same! Your Presence Matters and I am grateful that you are here!

Only love always,


Mary JacobsComment